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tv   [untitled]    November 12, 2013 3:00am-3:31am PST

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patients it is a state program but increase county workers to do the enrollment and we spent a lot of time insisting they go thereto ranks. the hiv organizations have useful information about implementation. we respond by training and most particle through the health program those are the first folks we offer training to. and one training we did a mass training. and asking if that's enough? probably not. the challenge is we're laying the tracks as we drive on them.
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i'm calling courtney so i think we're going to do a catch up. particularly as we unrainfall the difference not so much as the expanded medi-cal but it reminds me of a time many years ago we used to fund a program called aids counselors. we maybey inviting it in the future. so on to recommendation number 6. again as courtney mentioned at state level and we participate in the activities that are happening with the state. the state has dedicated a person
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ryan white fund called part b funds they have the person tell caffeine into our meeting and hopeful that will he help us get mostly updates which prier intents funding. >> can i request ask you a quick question. is there a requirement that all providers receive that assistants - assistance >> we offer a number of different kinds of training everything from cult competence and we're adding this.
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we don't necessarily require it but people are separate for the information. people are knocking on our doors what does this mean and in terms of recommendation number 7 there are a couple of different players in the manage care system itself first t is the san francisco dph they're a community member and i had some conversations with their medical director and their choosing to sign up with the other markets and we're going to start to a lot into that to see what's not covered. both san francisco and a.m. them whether you cross are in
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meetings. and so we do meet on a mostly basis to improve the access and financial services they're the folks who do the eligibility and last week they got folks for the chinese health plan exchange. and to get the continuous improvement health outcomes. so we produce for all ryan white primary care on a semiannual basis to see how the catsors are coming on the national thresholds. that said this is not a new game
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for folks who have been doing this for 20 years were many of which have to do with more the technical data rather than the quality of care and courtney mentioned the an hiv waiver we used the money to develop the registery system so all the data is dumped into one system a new and improved threshold. that's one more recommendation coming here. i'm sorry. i'm talking fast a lot of information. i think about this is how does this work well in terms of addressing the gaps and improve health outcomes it's about partnerships. we need to kind of come together
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to make this happen. the task force is a great example of dph and consumers and the planning councils and i think what we plan to do now is actually, i was talking with one of the coaches the next council meeting we're going to get ahead of the curve to think about what's not fund but also what's under funded that you are we're going to look at the creative ways to make sure that the hiv doesn't get stripped down in terms of fund. i'll stop here if you very specific questions >> thank you very much that was a thorough presentation. colleagues, any questions? i just have a sort of a general question what do you think is the most different challenge in
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this >> the fact we're laying the tracks as the train is happening at break fast speed. i'm the i i'm going to opinion national it's an oversight not to include the consumers as well as the advocates their racing so fast. it would be nice to have a 10 to 12 months process to being catch up to reflect on what happened and catch up and we're going to be this way until the dust settles >> why do we open it up to public comment. if there's any member of the public who wants to speak.
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seeing none, public comment is closed. and i don't know if there's anything to add from the task force or from the department of health? yes, please come forward >> i was reflecting on recommendation number 7. i again want to highlight it's critical that the department reach out to non-department providers i appreciate the work that's going on so to make sure that the dph if they which i see i want to make sure people know they have a choice and they can choose non-dph clinics. ryan white and also the provider the dot choose can get lost and i want to make sure that that is
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stated here as well >> that's a great point and in question any comments on that? i knew i wasn't going to get out of here with this much love. everyone we talk about this is a 20 thousand new lives to stay financially viable but i will say that is control for the health care exchanges. there's stringent rules on information you have to provide and boundary. i also think that clients for the most part are going to go where they go for the best service and they talk to each.
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even if we gnashly are not able to keep up with kaiser they're to go where they can. i appreciate the safeguards in place. and i imagine if this concern is, you know, something where we actually see is it being played out we've hear about that but that's an important consideration. i think that i certainly appreciate all the work that's been done by the task force and to the department. at the as well. a lot of thought has gone into that i think that san francisco is ahead of the curve and the rest of the country. it's something i think we're
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going to have to continue to keep an eye on and maybe adjust as the implementation progresses. and i certainly will be, you know, working and following this very closely and hope we'll stay in touch. so workplace, colleagues why don't we file this item so we have a motion inform file. thank you. again i appreciate our patience and enjoy the day >> item 3 the the ordinance to protect water quality and preventing erosion due to construction activities and so we go from the area of health care to now construction sites.
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>> turn it over to the department of public works. and we have here from the storm water regulatory the f spc >> good afternoon thank you for having me. i'm from the san francisco public utilities commission. i'm here to talk about the construction site control ordinance. i want to start by saying we have the non ordinance in the package today >> he want us to adopt those. >> harm that full materials like
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concrete and debris can wash into the storm system. containments can clog pipes and create local (off the record.). this ordinance will help reduce the frequency of flooding. this other damage leads to increased maintenance and costs. this ordinance will help protect our its vulnerable water system. also, we are to implement ordinances inform protect the water site. this is to amend the construction codes concluding filling and other sediments out
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of our site and receiving water. if this legislation is adopted all project we're going to - in order to help contractors meet the are requirements the f pc has the best practices handbook that helps to manage construction sites. that's the manual in front of you now. the community that are impacted other private utilizes and other communities the feedback is positive. in conclusion this ordinance will help protect our infrastructure and help us to be in line with the local and state laws. if you have any questions, we'll be happy to answer them. just for purposes of
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clarification for the record the amendments we have been handed to technical >> joy for formatting. >> okay wonderful. >> i want to thank the lady for the presentation. what was some prior constricts projects that were not controlled that led to did the 40 for the puc or the city or the upcoming wunz ones >> most recently there was a separate incident where one of the contractors working on the public safety building punched storm drain lines and discharged sewer into our system for the whole thing has been rectified but we had the potential to discharge this material out to
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the bay. it's important we have stockpiles covered because this a debris can get into our system that pickup metals and others debris that could create flooding >> and this applies to all construction that happens in the city. >> it's important we role it out citywide. the state and a federal regulations are in all sewer areas. the consistency and apply it citywide to both our systems >> thank you great presentation and thank you for your patience in having this item heard. any public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. so colleagues supervisor we have
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a set of amendments >> so i'd like to move the amendments. >> we have a motion to move forward this forward without objection and greatly appreciate the work of the public utilities commission for this item that make sense a great deal of sense. workplace, mr. clerk, do we have any other business before the committee >> thank you. the meeting is adjourned. thank you, everyone have a wonderful
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>> okay. we'll call this meeting of historic preservation meeting to order. >> welcome to the historic preservation commission meeting
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for wednesday october 16th. the commission does not allow any disruptions and please silence any days. first on your calendar commissioners is the public comment the general public may talk about agenda items with respect to the items not on the agenda. each member of the public may address the committee up to 3 minutes >> any member of the public wish to speak to any scombraund
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on our calendar. >> moving to directors announcements. >> gm good afternoon i'm with the department staff. the director will be joining us shortly and at the moment i don't have any comments but i'll be happy to answer any questions >> commissioners no questions. we'll move on >> the staff report and announcements. >> good afternoon, commissioners tim fry the department staff. here to a share with you a couple of items and announcements. to begin with i don't have any reports from the recent planning commissioner hearings. they've had a busy schedule but not really pertinent for the
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review but i'll keep my eye open for any missing third degree that maybe of are interest >> last week, we had the african-american history project. the meeting was hosting by african-american artists and culture complex funded through the fund committee by the mayor's office. about 50 people were in attendance and the consultant provided on overview the story view history project was on hand to solicit be participants for the history component. the kickoff meeting identified members of the community that maybe front yard in the largest stakeholders document as is it precedes. through the process and as the
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consultant prepares more material related to the project. there was a good amount of support for the prestigious project in general, however, there was a large you number of people in the audience that were concerned about how the project was structured and that related to staffing, the level of community involvement and community are participation. we certainly heard their concerns we we have a couple of ideas to address the concerns so we'll be working with the public and restrategizing there's certainly plenty of time to do it right. i'll keep i posted on others ways to get involved i'm happy to answer any questions i may have about that event. i also wanted to let you know
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the lashgd designate twin peaks in the castro neighborhood will receive an award looter this month in indianapolis for honoring san francisco to protect and identifying important parts of our lgbt history. the designation will be twlurtd a governor's award presented by governor jerry brown later this year and it's also one we were 2345i789d by san francisco heritage so thank you to heritage for putting our name in the hat by second of all thank you to the statute of limitations for recognizing our efforts in protecting lgbt history. i want to introduce you to our
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latest member of the department she's been hired as the new specialist for the yaunt. she's got own 10 years experience as program director in illinois she managed the endangered list and the chapter of the apa helped to coordinate the citizen technology convention. she's got recent experience with landmark designation. from her years as city staff and two local preservation commissions i'm happy to work with her again. alicia is coming to us from cambridge, massachusetts to
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please join me in welcoming alicia to san francisco. commissioners that conclusions any presentation >> i just want to mention and thank tim and the staff for the excellent job they did do at the african-american community forum. i tenant and also convincing if the planning commission. we said hell hello and we'd be listening and very much involved. there was a group that kind of basically challenged the way things were happening and it was good basically, they were saying are you the planning department tlut our history and, of course not that. and i think as we go forward particularly in looking at some of the recommendations out of the historic recommendation report the historic surveys are done and the historic contact
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statement we pay attention to insuring that and understanding it's done to make sure it's inclusive, you know, as possible. i think the planning department is going to come up with the recommendations of the issues. were brought up. it's very illuminating and overall there was good support >> i'm sorry, i missed the meeting but i commencement with staff about future meetings. you might want to connect with the issue committees of the j h s committee they that wanted to create a japanese-american survey so i think some of the same issues about inclusion and who's going to tell the story might help you.
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you mentioned the endangered reserve list do we have one for the city and county of san francisco >> fire department staff we do not. that's part of alicia background >> maybe it's something we could consider. >> perfect commissioners any other questions for mr. fry? seeing none, we'll move on >> commissioners that will place you on item 3 the landmark quarterly report. >> good afternoon, tim from the staff. the quarterly report was included in our packet. i wanted to point out out in terms of the last quarter marcus book store is going to come back on november 6th hearing and the information is located on page
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1. most of the other landmark designations are moving forward. i'd like to say hall is on page 5 at the top is probably the next closest for the consideration and a but in terms of owner initiated conditions on page 8 we added the section baugsz there's a again deal in the pipeline that's diverting us from focusing solely on your program but we have 3wug9d resources to work an owner designations. there's a few on here you'll be seeing in the next few months one is st. mary's building as
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you know the h pic identified buildings as modern resources in a priority on your program we think article 11 is a great document. there's henry adams we're working on the historic square and this building is eligible it's another way our survey efforts helped provide that initial information to move a designation forward. 149 market street we're consulting with the owners on final liz the report. a great cloud of witnesses is still in progress and we have another location for the
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construction and once we have finalized their nomination report and their at a point they're ready to come forward we'll bring that to you in early 2014 >> finally, the last page is what we've landmark do date since your designation program. if you have any questions, i'll be happy to a answer them >> commissioner highland. >> when we approved the motion the j h s we had 3 items to be added and they've not been added. >> that's correct this the the report and it will be in the next quarterly report. >> thank you mr. fry on sunshine school a


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